András Wolsky [*1969 · HU]. Random dynamics of size A/4, 2023.

Random dynamics of size A/4.
I, II, III, 2023. Paper, acrylic, 29,7 x 21 cm.
Three unique works.

Only III [magenta] still available.
700 € net each.

The starting point of my work is the A/4 paper industry standard size itself, the A/4 paper form.
With this work, I have now reached back a bit to my university years spent at Dora Maurer. In fact, the beginning of my 25-year career goes back to the point when the defining element and starting point of my works were the proportions of the image medium and its specific dimensions (often found, randomly found boards).
My present work are adapted to the A/4 standard size.
So the basic shape of 297×210 mm is given. With the „help“ of this generated shape, I rotate it once on all four sides of the paper. (The center of rotation can be the corner points of the page and the points of the side bisector.) Which point is the center of rotation on a given page is determined by chance. In the same way, the generated randomness determines the angle at which the A/4 form should be placed on the paper, and the randomness also determines the width of the bands (that is, the contour thickness of the randomly rotating A/4 form).
According to my conception, the randomly created 4-layer line structure creates a system independent of me, actually the A/4 standard size itself and chance shape the composition.
The work become really exciting because a new line dynamic is created at the intersections of the intersecting strips located at different angles.
My work deal with the important segment of the Bauhaus, how industrial materials, sizes can be connected to art and artistic concepts.