Daniela Comani [*1965 · IT]. Bauhaus Ich, Meisterhäuser, Dessau, 1992/1995/2018.

Archival print on paper, cut. 10 + 2 E.A.

In 1992, I visited the Bauhaus Building and the Meisterhäuser (Master’ Houses) in Dessau, Germany. The Meisterhäuser were closed and in very bad condition. On an outside wall I found a graffiti tag reading “Ausländer raus (Foreigners out) – Adolf” accompanied by a swastika. I took a self portrait in front of the wall. In 1995 I used this photo in my series “Absent Subjects,” cutting out my figure from the wall. In 2018 I composed both photos (with and without subject) for a juxtaposition beetween the past and the current political state.

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