Matthew Deleget [*1972 · US]. Century, 2018.

Scored and creased black mirrored paper. 3 E.A.

For the Century exhibition, I used a non-traditional drawing method on a non-traditional drawing material. I first scored an open-ended square grid with a bone knife into the surface of a black mirrored paper. I then crushed the paper with my bare hands over and over again until the rigid paper became soft and pliable, like a piece of leather. The surface of the drawing is reminiscent of my broken monochrome paintings that I make with a hammer on wooden panel. I wanted my drawing in this exhibition to appear like a frieze of shattered windows on Gropius’ Bauhaus building in Dessau. The windows are still intact, but under the weight of one hundred years of artistic and societal pressure, have fossilized into a sheet of mica crystals.

600 € net