Stephan Ehrenhofer [*1964 · AT]. Madras CENTURY, 2018.

Acrylic on Paper. 3 + 1 E.A.

„Madras Check“ to me stands for the archetypal quality of an open yet straight forward textile design principle. It is the mixture of colour between warp and weft threads which yield the tonal subtleties in square color blocks that make the appearance of this type of fabric so universally aestethic. In using narrow and broad brush strokes of watercolour my aim is to reenact the same principles that are so characteristic for „Madras“ in a painterly manner. As seen from a modernist point of view this textile approach to design yields the utmost clarity of a non-objective colour space, letting the transparent layers of watercolour interact with each other thereby creating all the nuances of mixed shades that are to be obtained in glazing.

350 € net