Julia Nema [*1973 · HU]. 21, 2023.

21 4/1  artist paper + tracing paper
21 3/1  artist paper + tracing paper
21 2/2  watercolour paper + tracing paper
21 2/1  artist paper+tracing paper
21 1/3  washi paper + watercolour paper

Series of unique works. All 2023, 29,7 x 21 cm.

Four works available, 300 € net each.

A4 format is our most frequently used standard paper size. It is so ordinary that it is exciting. In recent years, I have made exclusive use of this format for a number of reliefs and collages, working with my own mix of paper and porcelain. This process serves me as a framework of both vision and haptics to elaborate on the conditions, dimensions and relations of white.
For CENTURY. idee bauhaus project, I chose to use blank paper only and created a set of A4 size paper works, each composed of two entire A4 format sheets, by folding, cutting and overlapping them. Each work includes, hides or reveals a square shape of 21×21 cm. The qualities of selected paper stocks range from soft to hard, thick to thin, solid to translucent, warm tone to cold.
This limited set of rules, however, opens up a wide range of possibilities where the difference between plane and space is dissolved. Through the interaction of tactile qualities and elusive color fields, the relativity of whiteness is awakened. Transparency makes a home for visibility and existence.
In this body of paper works entitled „21“, I evoke two Bauhaus Masters I admire the most – László Moholy-Nagy and Josef Albers.