Lindsay Packer [*1973 · US]. Backward Glance, 2018.

Archival pigment print on paper. 10 + 3 E.A.

I treat light as a material. With an analog approach rooted in the visual language of painting, I combine physical objects, light, and color in temporary, immersive installations that are integral to and inseparable from their architectural sites. These color spaces are luminous, temporary geometries, calling into question the divisions between analog and digital ways of seeing. My photographic practice began as a straightforward way of documenting these installations and taking notes on my working process, but photography is now a primary way for me to see and show color and ephemeral form. With simple geometric shapes made of wood and paper and an experimental approach to additive color mixing, this image plays with a cross section of Bauhaus principles: the study of form, material, color, composition, and space.

300 € net