Regine Schumann [*1961 · DE] colormirror, view I, II, III, 2018.

Digital print on cotton paper. 3 x 20 + 3 E.A.

Today, the historic Bauhaus is the most influential educational institution in the field of architecture, art and design in the 20th century. Exactly defined form without any randomness, clear contrasts, arrangement of elements, arrangement of identical parts in series and elsewhere. Simplicity in multiples, structuring of all construction units according to function. Words that describe my artworks, too… “colormirror views I-III“, 2018, digital prints that show my fluorescent artworks. My work allows an exploration in the relationship between colour, light, form and room. Utilizing industrially produced acrylic materials, almost fluorescent acrylic glass sheets that under black light come alive and turn into luminous light objects, coloured spaces change significantly the functional realities of the space and introduce possibilities of new experiences. With references to minimalism and concrete art, my light art create real colour rooms in athmospherically charged oscillations and generates almost physical palpable experiences. My work is about the constantly changing effects of light and colour; my artworks react to their surroundings and engage in a dialogue with each viewer. By transforming the thinking in colours and colour spaces into a spatially perceptible plasticity, the viewer finds a coloured sensuality in the perception of my works of art, which is able to cross borders. The editions created for the project capture the intention of my spatial works on a two-dimensional level and with their selected perspectives they give a specific impression of my work.

200 € net