Maik Teriete [*1975 · DE]. half, 2018.

Thread on Cardboard. 5 + 1 E.A.

When I visited the Bauhaus in Dessau not long ago, I was excited to see the new Meisterhäuser buildings, that were built upon the ruins of the old ones that couldn’t be restored. I found the form of these houses quite an interesting choice for a context like Bauhaus, where everything is supposed to be light and well balanced. These buildings look rather heavy and solid and send out an almost provocative message in this environment. The windows are satined, so it’s not possible to see through them. The people working inside complained, that is not a nice working environment, because these buildings have a claustrophobic effect on them. For my contribution to CENTURY.idee bauhaus I worked with photographs of these new Meisterhäuser by drawing the outlines of these buildings at my computer and later zooming in these drawings. My goal was to create a work, that still partly shows the hole image and at the same time goes beyond the representation of this image. When I found the right balance in this process I transferred the lines to my favoured materials thread and a special kind of black fibre cardboard. Stitching the thread onto the cardboard is my way of combining the computer supported form shaping to the tactile materials of the Bauhaus. The title half reflects this process of partly showing something and invites the viewer to imagine a greater form outside the lines of the concrete surface.

400 € net