Susan York [*1951 · US]. Bauhaus Study, No. 55A – Opaque-Transparent, 2019.

Pencil drawing on Paper, 3 unique works

My drawings for CENTURY. idee bauhaus began with following the Manifesto of the Staatliches Bauhaus by Walter Gropius (1919) and his edict that “the basis of craftsmanship is indispensable to all artists. It is the prime source of all creative work.” I became a beginner again and studied the lessons taught by Johannes Itten at the Bauhaus. He began his classes with relaxation, breathing and concentration exercises as did I. Then each day I followed one of his lessons in developing skills and vision. Exercise of line compositions in the character of a triangle examined the relationships between triangular forms and the lines that comprised them. Transparent Opaque was an illuminating lesson in value and line and the illusion of transparency and opacity. As I completed each exercise, I gained some insight and craftsmanship. Through my Daily Drawing practice I continue to practice Itten’s exercises, developing further insights into the Bauhaus and the pure distillation evident in its teachings.

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One work available