Annett Zinsmeister [*1967 · DE]. Bauhaus revisited VI IdlV, 2018.

Digital Print on Laid Paper. 20 + 1 E.A.

The piece is based on my work series virtual interiors, concepts for site specific spatial installations made out of photographs of selected architecture as built heritage of Bauhaus and Modernity. The Virtual Interiors oscillate between utopian promise and dystopian inhospitableness of cities, between an aesthetic of the constructive minimal, and a chilling monotony of the serial, between authenticity and illusion. I am scaling photographs of façade fragments of modern or mass architecture and translocate them from urban space to inner rooms by lining real spaces with virtual façades. Bauhaus revisted VI IdlV represents a mixture of real and fictive space: The boundary between inside and outside, between private and public, between real and virtual become blurred.

500 € net