Alison Hall [*1980 · US]. Entrance, Exit, Envelopment, 2018.

Gouache and graphite on paper. 3 unique works

These drawings are made with gouache and graphite on paper. They are each originals, hand made with slight variations. The titles reference my association to an Albers image (a small postcard) that hangs in my studio. I’ve had an Albers image (Study of the Homage to the Square, Departing in Yellow, 1964) on my studio wall for two years, it hangs next to an old photograph of my mother (a poor child of Appalachia, she’s standing in a doorway of a shack) that was taken in the 50’s, the photograph is square, a common format in mid-century photography. My mother is three years old in the photograph, she is a different form, a different being from the woman in which I now know. The Albers composition that hangs adjacent to my mother is from the Tate, a postcard that I picked up while traveling in London. When I saw the painting for the first time during this trip, my best friend Nicole was in the final stages of cancer (transforming, departing) and I saw this abstract painting as light to another dimension, a doorway, a way to enter and to exit. I think a lot about the movement of the Bauhaus artists during their lifetime, how they left home, to find new spaces to live and to work. I think a lot about how external conditions effect the human spirit, how we are transported by things that we cannot control. For two weeks every fall, the tree outside of my studio window in Brooklyn becomes the exact same color as the center square of the Albers, it usually coincides with my friend Nicole’s birthday.

1.000 € net