Daniel G. Hill [*1956 · US]. Vertical Weave 1 (verso and recto), 2018.

Woven paper. 4 unique works from an edition of 4.

What began as research into the origins of patterns adorning ecclesiastical vestments of the Eastern Orthodox Church and depicted in Byzantine icons, has developed into explorations of the relationships between material, structure, and image as they relate to weaving in its simplest form. All three of these works are extracts from the same nonrepeating, 26 x 26 unit pattern. Strips of black paper are woven vertically through two sheets of white paper. The ends of the black strips are concealed between the two sheets of white paper so that the work can be viewed from either side; recto or verso. No glue is used. The parts are held together very securely through friction. When viewed from above or below, all of this is revealed..

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