Deb Covell [*1966 · GB]. New Union (1-3), 2018.

Acrylic Paint. 3 unique works

Deb Covell is a painter who celebrates the material qualities of paint by rejecting pictorial imagery and eliminating the traditional canvas support in an attempt to create paintings without restriction. In these new paintings, which she has made specifically for The Century exhibition, she follows both a systematic and intuitive approach. Each painting begins with a series of overlapping oblique coloured bands of various widths referencing the modernist colour palette. The overlapping diagonals set up illusionistic spatial depths and dynamic tensions. This process continues until the diagonals give way to horizontal and vertical bands of almost equal widths, shrinking the picture plane and collapsing any illusionary depth created, until a balanced composition emerges which belies the internal narrative and pictorial space that resides within it.

220 € net
One work available