Heather Jones [*1976 · US]. Field Note 16, 2018.

Cotton fabric and thread stitched on cotton paper. 3 unique works

I work with textiles and enjoy using materials and techniques that are associated with crafts to push the boundaries of fine art. My Field Notes series came from a desire to create a body of works on paper. Each one is made out of small pieces of commercially sourced woven cotton fabrics that I stitch together with a sewing machine and then press with an iron, using the same techniques that are used in industrial and home sewing. The compositions of simplified forms in this series are created improvisationally and design decisions are often made in the moment as I am working on each piece. Once the composition is finished, I stitch it to paper with the sewing machine, and the edges of the fabric are left raw and untouched. These pieces serve as studies, although they are finished works in and of themselves, and each one is unique. The loose thread and frayed edge of the fabrics are intentionally left as such, as they reference and honor the beauty found in everyday items used in domestic settings. My work is influenced by many of the artists and teachers of the Bauhaus, but most notably by Josef and Anni Albers. I am forever indebted to Josef’s exploration of color and his studies on their interaction, and I reference that in all of the work that I produce. Anni’s textile work is most special to me, as I revere her as a pioneer in the world of textiles and particularly in pushing the boundaries between art and craft with her designs.

400 €