Lorenza Sannai [*1969 · IT/US]. Aspis, 2018.

Digital fine art giclée print with hand–painted additions, on Hahnemüle Photo rag 500 gr. 100% Cotton White. 20 uniques

Painting is one of the many media used to generate a work of art, to inevitably submit it to the law of change: everything mutates according to the position we assume towards it. We are continually subjected to dualism. I have chosen painting and geometry as the most simple and suitable instruments to paint stressing the importance of the sensibility of the hand, the tactility of pigments, the way light reveals their surface. Often painting that is based on geometry expresses the necessity of the individual to rationalize, but in my work geometry is a means of discovering unforeseen dimensions. Bauhaus has freed artists from a traditional sense of conceiving a work of art, it has given strength to the idea and freed every material from traditional use. Thus, “art” becomes any process applied to an element, to an object, to a construction. I have absorbed by osmosis this thought because I leave open the possibility of expanding my research by intervening with different materials and modalities, even the tridimensional aspect. The work presented here is originated from scraps of plastic stickers that I used to define areas of color on a D-Bond panel. I then glued the scraps on a sheet of paper distributing them in order to create structures and added to them by using pens and colored pencils, and painting with watercolors other areas. These are giclée digital reproductions on white paper. I have further added paint on some areas with acrylics or egg tempera, revealing the physicality of the work: the sheet of paper is not only support but also a perceptible surface the eye sees in diverse manners.

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