Lucio Pozzi [*1935 · US]. Bau Tur, 2018.

Giclée digital print. Edition 20

Bauhaus has given me a framework within which to fit my idea of art as an open field in continuous evolution. By never settling on one visual language alone I feel that I am expanding the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk that Gropius and Piscator were exploring. Instead of feeling it as a limiting canon, it allows me to cultivate the panic and excitement of never knowing exactly where the process of art making will lead me. Bau Tur is part of my more reductive group of works. Alone or mixed with other forms, a simplified portal has been a recurring motif in many of my paintings and installations. It reminds me of Mon the Shinto sacred gate, the stone entrance to Mycenae, the Pythagorean π.

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