Mary Schiliro [*1959 · US]. Slice, Punch, Dip 3, 2018.

Acrylic paint on paper. Series of unique pieces

My Slice, Punch, Dip series involves a dipping process to apply paint to a surface, which I began using a number of years ago. It was a way of working that gave me some distance from the subjectivity of the brushstroke. I was also searching for a process that was more physical in nature. Through this process, the paper becomes impregnated with paint, allowing medium and support to merge and become one. For this series, in keeping with the spirit of the Bauhaus, a template was used to laser cut circular holes in sheets of paper, making the works easily reproduceable. The “slice and punch” in the title, refers to my cutting of holes through the paper, thus further enhancing its physicality.

650 €